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In case you missed it, we started a new blog , Ice and Earth a couple of months ago. There a some new sewing posts, trips and even ‘guest appearance’ from Liz Hurley – so make sure to check it out!


We’re Moving!

After the last four years of running ‘Me and My Polar Bear’ (albeit sporadically at times!), we’ve decided to move over to Ice and Earth, with a fancy new blog design. There are a few reasons behind it, one being that it links in with our letterpress cards, but really we wanted everything internet-based in one place, and the old name no longer really fits the bill.

The content won’t change dramatically but it will be a bit more of a family partnership. Tom has always been responsible for about 95% of the photos, and I have done the writing, but the recent arrival of Freddie has naturally made our day to day activites, and therefore our blog content, more family focused.

There will be plenty of photos, a fair amount of UK travel, and hopefully lots of sewing.

I hope you stick with us, and please let us know if you spot anything that isn’t quite working correctly!


ice and earth

Coat of Arms.

We’ve been inundated with gifts and cards from family and friends since Freddie’s arrival (he’s extremely spoilt!!), and so to try and express some of our gratitude, Tom got to designing a letterhead on which to write our thank you notes.

As with our other cards and most of our wedding stationery, the paper and notecards were letterpressed on the Adana press, and we’re so pleased with how they’ve come out!

Now we just need Freddie to learn to write…..

In other Ice and Earth news, we’ve just released our Wedding Guestbook registration cards for sale. You can find them here on Etsy.

The Hepworth Dress.

This is a little bit later than planned, but last week the latest Sinbad & Sailor pattern was released, and it’s a beauty.

Hannah asked me to pattern test the wonderful Hepworth dress which is a sleeveless, princess seamed bodice with a fitted waist and flared skirt. Essentially a perfect addition to all wardrobes! As I was about 38 weeks pregnant at the time, I decided to (rather optimistically!) make the dress up in my pre-pregnancy size. As a result of me currently not being my pre-pregnancy size (in no small part due to massive boob inflation caused by breastfeeding!!!), I’m afraid my pictures are limited to my mannequin. I’m hoping I’ll get it on soonish though – it’ll be perfect for summer!

The dress is really cleverly finished with facings inside, all the seams are enclosed and it’s super neat. I’m such a sewing geek when it comes to things like that and I love it!!

This fabric is a lightweight denim that was in my stash, and so in true Emily sewing style, it is blue. At some point I need to start sewing things in OTHER COLOURS and prints. I particularly love Hannah’s version but I have to say, I think the denim works pretty well here – it’s super soft too which is always good.

I can’t wait to see other versions of this pattern popping up over the web!

2 Weeks Old.

I know I’m a couple of weeks behind, but over Easter we headed to Tom’s parents so that Freddie could meet some of his great grandparents, and enjoy lots of grandparent cuddles. I don’t think he got put down for about three days….

Tom’s Granny (pictured above!) is an amazing amazing knitter. She has single handedly produced the most incredible jumper collection for Freddie which we now have on display in the nursery. I am in awe of her talent – I have so little patience when it comes to knitting, I just get bored. I can’t wait until he’s big enough to be able to wear them!!

Without wanting to alienate a whole raft of readers, I’m thinking of putting together a list of all the baby things we’ve found really useful since Freddie was born. I know I struggled somewhat trying to work out what we actually needed – do you think it’d be helpful??


Discovering Cambridge.

Tom’s gone back to work today. Boooo. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself though as I’ve managed to have a shower, wash my hair, put make up on AND leave the house all on my own, without Freddie screaming too much at all.

We’ve been extremely lucky, as bar a few truly horrific nights, we’ve managed to have a really nice couple of weeks, making the most of Tom’s paternity leave and visiting some of the beautiful places around Cambridge. Plus, it turns out that 5 hours of broken sleep actually makes you feel very rested! Who knew?!!

These pictures were taken at Anglesey Abbey, when Freddie was 6 days old. Being able to get out and about (plus the onslaught of incredible Spring weather!) has made the whole healing process so much easier.

Although we lived in Cambridge between 2007 and 2010, we’d never actually made it to Anglesey Abbey before. It’s really stunning & well worth a trip if you’re in the area. There are some really beautiful woodland walks – I’ve not been round the house yet though, saving that for my next visit!