The Galaxy Dress.

No, not that one. I actually think I prefer mine. It certainly comes in a damn sight cheaper…

A while back, Katie tweeted about the potential of using this duvet cover as a source of cheap fabric. I have a small obsession with space themed things (our bedroom is somewhat “spacey”) and so I wasted no time in pressing ‘add to basket’.


The fabric is a cotton/polyester mix but is fairly stiff so I thought it’d work really well with my current favourite pattern, the Elisalex dress. It is truly an excellent pattern and, oh, those pleats, I luuuuuurve them!

IMG_1962.jpg IMG_1963.jpg

The only adjustments I made were to take a couple of inches out of the width of the skirt and about 6/7 inches off the length. Although it feels good on, looking at these pictures I think I may need to go up about half a size on the bodice (or not have eaten that chocolate pudding about 10 minutes before taking these…). I also fully lined the skirt because the fabric is a liiiittle on the see through side!



Hope you’re all having a wonderful long weekend.


  • Ginger

    So cool! Love this dress!

  • Vanessa, Take only Memories

    So gorgeous! I love that fabric. Can’t believe you made it yourself!


    Oh My!! Your dress is simply gorgeous and that fabric is super, you made the perfect match!

  • Lauren Grey

    It’s amazing!

  • Stitch and Witter

    That is absolutely amazing – the dress is fabulous and I applaud your fabric source!

  • Annie Hogan

    i love it. you should be dead proud, the dress (and fabric) are awesome!

  • Charlotte Hintzen

    This is SO great! This galaxy print is really really cool and the dress suits you wonderfully. I am a big fan of making things from bed linen (#austeritybritain) and in fact just picked up some more loot from my granny. But it’s not just about the money, but also because they often come with great designs on such as yours!

  • Amy Nicholas

    This is the coolest Elisalex I’ve seen yet! What an amazing fabric choice and It looks great on you!!!!

  • katrina_nixon

    I really love this dress, what a fab job you did xx

  • Mady

    The dress is awesome!I love the galaxy print!

  • Laura

    Oh no, I just left britain yesterday, so no chance to get my hands on this duvet cover… But you made me want to order the Elisalex pattern immediately. And I’ll do:)
    It looks astonishing on you, I love that dress!

  • Cirque Du Bebe

    WOWIE zowie! This is an amaaaazing dress, love the fabric, the fit..and definitely the hair. Love your work!!

  • Paunnet

    This is beyond adorable! Excellent use of the fabric!
    Also, how did I not know your blog? Thanks for commenting on mine, so I ended up here and now I’m a follower :D

  • Emily Dyson

    Ahh, thank you – I love it too :-) I think it might my favourite make to date!

  • Emily Dyson

    Thank you!

  • Emily Dyson

    Thank you so much – I knew it had to be once the fabric arrived! It holds the pleats really well too :-)

  • Emily Dyson


  • Emily Dyson

    Haha, thanks Joanne!

  • Emily Dyson

    Thank you!

  • Emily Dyson

    Why thank you, I’m pretty sure most of the credit has to go to the designer though ;-) I love this pattern so much.

  • Emily Dyson

    Thank you! There are some really wonderful versions out there so I feel very honoured!

  • Emily Dyson

    Thanks chick ;-) xx

  • Emily Dyson

    Thank you! I do too :-)

  • Emily Dyson

    Do it! Honestly, it is so great. The instructions are extremely clear too.

  • Emily Dyson

    Thank you so much. I think my hair’s probably in need of a cut though ;-)

  • Emily Dyson

    Thank you :-) Not at all – I read yours religiously, I am just a terrible commenter! I promise to improve though!

  • Laura

    that’s great! confusing instructions are a pain -.-
    I just ordered it, but it will take some time to arrive…. can’t wait! :D

  • sallieforrer

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Wonderful pairing of fabric and pattern. Just love it! Also, so glad I found your blog!

  • Paunnet

    I need to comment more too!

  • Joanne

    This dress is amazing! What size duvet cover did you use? I have a couple of old duvet covers from when I had a single bed. I’m thinking of making a dress for my niece from one of them.

    Congrats on making the Best of March 2013 list!

  • Erin

    Such a cool idea this dress is awesome! Love the pattern and style on you and looks like a great fit! Might have to investing this pattern!!

  • HouseOFpinheiro

    Stunning dress

  • meandmypolarbear

    Thank you thank you! Your blog is one of my utter favourites, so I’m very glad you liked mine tooo!

  • meandmypolarbear

    Thank you! It’s actually a double duvet but I’ve only used about a quarter of the fabric plus a pillowcase (!) – I’m sure you can manage one out of a single with a little bit of imaginative pattern placing :-)

  • meandmypolarbear

    Thank you so much – it really is a wonderful pattern!

  • meandmypolarbear

    Thank you!

  • Kathryn

    I bought this duvet cover as soon as you tweeted your dress! Although the double was sold out so had to get the single, obviously you have inspired others… :) Just trying to decide what to make with it. This dress is my favourite sewing project I’ve seen blogged this year!

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  • Natty

    Very nice dress! The fabric looks very Peter Pilotto! Great job…

  • Danielle

    Absolutely beautiful dress! And it looks amazing on you. :)

  • Ting

    Beautiful photos! X

  • rachael conroy

    This dress is absolutely amazing! I love the fabric. I had a go at the pattern myself here at The fabric sadly isn’t as exciting as yours but I hope you like it.

  • Vintage Reflection

    You look amazing and that dress is a beaut! Well done you! x

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