I would like to hijack these honeymoon posts to blog about my new Belladone dress. Well, sort of… I have been meaning to take pictures of it for a good few weeks (I say “I”, I actually mean my rather lovely husband), but we hadn’t found anywhere nice to take them. HELLO TUSCAN SUNSET. Seriously, look at that light.


We were almost ready for an early night when this bright light came flooding through the window, so we legged it outside for some photos.

I have been meaning to make this dress for ages and I really love the final product. It fits me perfectly and came together like a dream. My only change would be to add a lining to the skirt next time. The dress has had multiple outings already, and in true British spring/summer style, I haven’t yet had a chance to wear it without tights. I used a mid-weight cotton, meaning that the unlined skirt/tights situation has left me almost showing my pants more than once.



Needless to say, I’ll be making more of Eléonore’s patterns, I already have a sailor version of the Reglisse dress in the planning….


  • Kerstin

    Out of words ???

  • Taracat

    Gorgeous! And that sunset! I’m just about to start cutting this pattern out, I’m hoping it turns out as lovely as yours.

  • whereisharriet

    you look just stunning! I am in love with the dress and the view!

  • Tilly

    Beautiful dress, and beautiful photos by your new hubs – congratulations, BTW!

  • Ginger

    Gorgeous! What fabulous photos! It’s such an awesome pattern– you’re reminding me that I need to make another!

  • honigdesign

    Stunning photos, and congratulations on your marriage too! I think I discovered your blog through Burdastyle but my last comment didn’t stick. Great stuff!

  • Claire Maxwell

    That LIGHT. Incredible. You look stunning.

  • Vintage Reflection

    The lighting is amazing, I love taking photographs during golden hour, just before the sun sets. This dress looks stunning too!! x

  • meandmypolarbear

    Thanks lovely – we ran outside as soon as we saw it! It was the most amazing sunset I have EVER seen! xxx

  • meandmypolarbear

    It was beeeeaaauuutttiiiful! xx

  • meandmypolarbear

    Thank you (and thank you!!) – the light was like nothing I’ve ever seen before!

  • meandmypolarbear

    Ha, me too! I have so much lined up to do, I can’t believe how long it took me to do in the first place!

  • meandmypolarbear

    Thanks Tilly – he’s pretty great at the photo stuff ;-)

    And thank you, it’s such a great pattern!

  • meandmypolarbear

    Thank you! Me too!!!

  • meandmypolarbear

    mwah x

  • meandmypolarbear

    And what a beauty it is too! xx