Bridesmaid Revisited.

A while back, I mentioned that I was making my bridesmaid dresses and that I was getting pretty bored doing it. Three of the same dresses with slightly different fits and actually making muslins, will do that…..

I may have still been sewing the bows together whilst my hair was in curlers on the morning of the wedding, but I did it and I was pretty damn proud of myself! Woo hoo!

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Ahhh, this picture makes me all teary eyed – it’s got to be the best photo of my family ever.

Anyway, bridesmaid dresses…..

I started with a Retro Butterick bodice, mainly because I loved the low back, and then tried a variety of skirts. I hated the circle skirt I put on it initially (the bias on the skirt wasn’t very flattering), and then had a brain wave when I was making up my Elisalex dress. Although I didn’t want the tulip shape of the skirt, the box pleats lent just the right amount of ‘lift’ to the skirt whilst being pretty flattering. The silk dupion held the pleats really well too – I was sold.

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I finished them with Tilly’s belt, which I think was perfect. Somehow not ‘too bridesmaidy’ but just right. Ahhh, it was so much fun I WANT TO DO IT ALL AGAIN!!!! (minus the making the bridesmaid dresses bit…)

Our wonderful photographer Debbie probably won’t thank me for sharing these photos already (early edits so I’m told) but they’re so beautiful – I couldn’t be more pleased and quite frankly I wanted to show everybody!!! So there. (Sorry Debbie).

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p.s. Excitingly, our wedding stationery is up on Papercrave today, woo hoo!


  • bookshopgirl

    You can be so proud
    I’m a bit teary eyed myself right now :)

  • Catherine

    They were all so lovely…the girls all looked stunning! Really looking forward to more of these posts. I’ve no idea where to start so will be really interested to see the steps it took to get to a day as gorgeous as yours was!


  • Tilly

    So pretty! I’ll say it again – I’m soooo chuffed you made the bow belt for your bridesmaids! x

  • Sew Lonnie


  • Ale

    Haha and I was up at 2 am on the night before my wedding finishing up the hem on my dress!!! Now I feel less alone ;) Your pictures of the bridesmaid frocks are so pretty, I know it was a lot of stress but it was oh so worth it, and you look and sound so radiant dear! Congratulations again! xxx

  • crystalpleats

    The dresses turned out beautifully, and the family picture is so cool.

  • Johanne Winwood

    Such beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a lovely day.

  • Scared Stitchless

    These look great! I’m thinking of making my bridesmaids dresses and wasn’t sure whether that was a crazy thought or worth the drama. I think you’re dresses prove that it’s worth the drama. Nice work!

  • honigdesign

    Oh my gosh – soo exquisite. They are beautiful, and I love love your wedding dress too. (ps I wish I could do it all again too………!)

  • Shona Roon

    I know what a feat this is from attempting it myself last year. And you got all three done! Congrats! These look really great and it looks like you had a lot of fun. Now go relax!!! haha

  • Kathryn

    Can’t believe you made all of these, they’re so beautiful! The silk works perfectly with those pleats. Also, I NEED to read a post about your wedding dress!!

  • Sally

    Beautiful dresses, well done for getting them all done. I nominated you for an award

  • ooobop

    Absolutely amazing work. And such gorgeous photos. I can’t imagine making 3 bespoke dresses for an all important deadline. You are truly inspirational, Emily!!! x