26 Week Archer.

I started making this shirt about the time I found out I was pregnant, back at the beginning of August. As I got progressively more exhausted and achieved less and less with each passing day, it sat languishing on my floor until I finally finished it back in October. And then it’s taken me nearly three months to blog it, at which point I can no longer do it up! Dear oh dear.

Anyone would think I was a bit non-plussed about the Archer pattern, whereas it’s actually my favourite ever make. It has had a lot of wear over the past few months and I have several pieces of fabric lined up to make more. It just seems a bit daft to make them with my ever expanding waistline…. I do however predict a maternity leave filled with Archers. Hurray!

As so many wonderful bloggers before me have said, making this shirt is an absolute delight. I loved every minute of making it, and Jen’s tutorials and videos are so helpful. I sewed up a straight size 6, just adding 2″ in length.

The chambray is from Merchant and Mills and the same as I used for my Hazel back in the summer. It’s a really lovely thickness, the perfect weight for a shirt and sews up really nicely.

At 26.5 weeks pregnant, I’m starting to feel pretty huge now. Sleep is getting ever more elusive and terrifyingly I have only 10 weeks left at work! Eeek!

I’m having a pretty good time eyeing up miniature clothing though, the Petit Bateau sale is particularly tempting.

  • http://gingermakes.wordpress.com/ Ginger

    Ohhhhh, you look so cute! This shirt looks lovely– perfect for layering! And I hear you about Petit Bateau… their clothing for little tots is ADORABLE!

  • Debbie Iles

    The Archer will be perfect for breastfeeding! I feel like I have become an expert in inserting invisible zips down the front of every dress and top I made over the past three years. I should have just made a few Archers!

  • Cirque Du Bebe

    I love your preggo Archer. Looks great unbuttoned and layered. Lovely pics too!

  • abitofanenthusiast

    Ah this is lovely- I love the chambray (would so love to make a lightweight chambray shirt dress with big ole gathered skirt) & totally agree with Debbie Iles… it’s all about layering if you nurse your babies (after two I think I’ve perfected the post-bump layering :0D). I really like the background in your pics btw!

  • Annie Hogan

    the shirt looks ace – really soft and comfy looking and as everyone has said below: perfect for layering. do love a good shirt!

  • http://www.whereisharriet.net/ Harriet T

    The shirt looks amazing, and I hate to be cliche but you are absolutely glowing!

  • VickiKate

    Aww, you look fabulous! Your shirt is gorgeous too!

  • House Of Pinheiro

    you look beautiful.. love the archer!

  • sallieforrer

    You look absolutely stunning! And I love that Archer – definitely the kind of thing that will continue to get lots of wear, as it’s (clearly) so versatile! Just layer it up! I love that chambray, too. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but finding a good chambray is like finding a unicorn! Maybe it’s a myth? But you totally become a believer when you get your hands on one! Yours looks absolutely perfect.

  • Jessica White

    You look gorgeous. I’m just behind you at 24 weeks and feel the same way about sewing, the name of the game for me now is thinking about nursing tops. Good luck with it all xx

  • meandmypolarbear

    Ahh, thank you – I am definitely starting to feel whale-ish now!! I hope the maternity/nursing sewing is going well – I’ve made more of a start on v-necks over the last couple of weeks…! x

  • meandmypolarbear

    Ahh, thank you lovely lady. I am a total sucker for chambray, I absolutely love the stuff. x

  • meandmypolarbear

    Thanks gorgeous girl x

  • meandmypolarbear

    Thank you! Pretty sure I’ve peaked and it’s all downhill from here ;-)

  • meandmypolarbear

    Thanks lovely! Getting very very tired now though…!!

  • meandmypolarbear

    Thank you! It’s definitely a winner for layering. The chambray’s a really nice thickness too!

  • meandmypolarbear

    Haha, thank you! I’m just coming to the realisation that most of my clothes are high necked and totally non-boob accessible so I need to sort my wardrobe out!

    I think the background looks better in the pictures than real life actually, it’s a funny bit of the Thames… If you get too close it’s pretty icky..!

  • meandmypolarbear

    Thank yooou, as always, photo credit needs to go to my ever patient other half ;-)

  • meandmypolarbear

    Haha, excellent skills! Invisible zips still make me pretty nervous… I have to sort my wardrobe out though because I don’t generally wear low cut tops – I seem to have lots of high and boat necked dresses which will be entirely useless fr a while!!

  • meandmypolarbear

    Thank you lovely. I’m basically obsessed with miniature clothing. It is just too cute. And tiny DUNGAREES, oh my goodness…….