Another Week, Another Archer.

Yeah, I know. I should really sew something else but goddamn it, I love this pattern. I also love this fabric, which I’ve been hoarding for ages. I think it came from The Cloth House several months back. It’s a really lovely weight and has a beautiful drape.

There’s not much more to say about this shirt really. I can’t do it up, but it’s a beauty, and I’m dreaming of tucking it into high waisted jeans with rolled up sleeves in late Spring. It’s certainly going to get lots of wear (although depending on just how quickly I can get back into my high waisted jeans…. it might be late Autumn!).

Most of my current sewing time is spent making miniature sleeves and bodices, rather than anything I can actually get myself into. As you may or may not know, I am currently about half way through a year long course in Pattern Cutting at Kensington and Chelsea College. It’s been excellent so far, but I need to get started on my final piece soon, especially this baby is due to make an appearance in the middle of the Easter holidays. It’s been so nice spending Thursday evenings completely submerged in such a fun course, particularly with people who obviously enjoy it so much – the very lovely Hannah being a case in point.

I’m also a total sucker for learning. I seem totally incapable of going 12 months without attending some form of school.I’m not sure whether I’m ever going to grow out of that, although I guess the next major learning curve is going to be parenting….! Eeeeek!


  • Sassy T

    This is a cute shirt. Sassy Sewing Bees ?

  • Ginger

    What a great shirt! This is perfect! I need to make more- for some reason I keep bumping them to the bottom of my sewing list, but I need more Archers in my life!

  • Camilla

    Lovely shirt, the print is really pretty. The Cloth Shop is one of my favourite fabric shops.

  • Taracat

    What a perfect shirt! I’m still a bit intimidated by Archer, I’m not sure I have the patience but I am being won over. And I totally agree with you about the need to keep learning. If I won the lottery I would go back to uni permanently and study everything.