Discovering Cambridge.

Tom’s gone back to work today. Boooo. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself though as I’ve managed to have a shower, wash my hair, put make up on AND leave the house all on my own, without Freddie screaming too much at all.

We’ve been extremely lucky, as bar a few truly horrific nights, we’ve managed to have a really nice couple of weeks, making the most of Tom’s paternity leave and visiting some of the beautiful places around Cambridge. Plus, it turns out that 5 hours of broken sleep actually makes you feel very rested! Who knew?!!

These pictures were taken at Anglesey Abbey, when Freddie was 6 days old. Being able to get out and about (plus the onslaught of incredible Spring weather!) has made the whole healing process so much easier.

Although we lived in Cambridge between 2007 and 2010, we’d never actually made it to Anglesey Abbey before. It’s really stunning & well worth a trip if you’re in the area. There are some really beautiful woodland walks – I’ve not been round the house yet though, saving that for my next visit!


Today we visited Wimpole Estate and it was filled with lambs and calves and piglets. There were also several enormous pigs that looked like they were going to explode. 6 days from due date, I’m feeling pretty similar myself.

I know being pregnant is an amazing journey, and I repeatedly tell myself it’ll all be worth it in the end, but goodness me I’m starting to get fed up. I can’t wait to feel fit, lean and healthy again – and meet my baby boy of course.

I’ve been extremely lucky with a very complication-free 9 months but I’m definitely ready for it to be over, and for all to be well. I still find it incredible to think there’s an actual new human in there, with his own personality and thoughts – I’m not entirely sure it’ll properly sink in until he’s arrived.