Ice and Earth

We’re Moving!

After the last four years of running ‘Me and My Polar Bear’ (albeit sporadically at times!), we’ve decided to move over to Ice and Earth, with a fancy new blog design. There are a few reasons behind it, one being that it links in with our letterpress cards, but really we wanted everything internet-based in one place, and the old name no longer really fits the bill.

The content won’t change dramatically but it will be a bit more of a family partnership. Tom has always been responsible for about 95% of the photos, and I have done the writing, but the recent arrival of Freddie has naturally made our day to day activites, and therefore our blog content, more family focused.

There will be plenty of photos, a fair amount of UK travel, and hopefully lots of sewing.

I hope you stick with us, and please let us know if you spot anything that isn’t quite working correctly!

ice and earth

Coat of Arms.

We’ve been inundated with gifts and cards from family and friends since Freddie’s arrival (he’s extremely spoilt!!), and so to try and express some of our gratitude, Tom got to designing a letterhead on which to write our thank you notes.

As with our other cards and most of our wedding stationery, the paper and notecards were letterpressed on the Adana press, and we’re so pleased with how they’ve come out!

Now we just need Freddie to learn to write…..

In other Ice and Earth news, we’ve just released our Wedding Guestbook registration cards for sale. You can find them here on Etsy.

We’re Open!

Following the success of our wedding stationery, we have gone back to the letterpress and opened an Etsy shop!


We spent most of last weekend at the printing press, trying desperately not to cover ourselves in ink (only mildy successfully) whilst printing our ‘thank you’ cards. We also managed to print a few others designs that have been in the back of our minds for nearly a year…. It’s pretty exciting to see them finally take shape.



As well as the thank you card, we have a couple of nautical themes (including a game of Battleships) and of course some bear cards, with a difference.

The wedding thank yous should become more obvious once I have some photos to show you. Our wonderful photographer Debbie sent through some previews this morning, I really can’t wait for the final images though – so exciting! I’m still suffering from post-wedding blues, I’m just so sad it’s all over! I might sneak through a bridesmaid dress post this week though, I’m way too impatient!



All cards are available from here!