Coat of Arms.

We’ve been inundated with gifts and cards from family and friends since Freddie’s arrival (he’s extremely spoilt!!), and so to try and express some of our gratitude, Tom got to designing a letterhead on which to write our thank you notes.

As with our other cards and most of our wedding stationery, the paper and notecards were letterpressed on the Adana press, and we’re so pleased with how they’ve come out!

Now we just need Freddie to learn to write…..

In other Ice and Earth news, we’ve just released our Wedding Guestbook registration cards for sale. You can find them here on Etsy.

The Amazings.

I love making things, I really do. I also love learning things – its one of the many reasons I have spent much of the last 28 years continually doing exams (although given my time again, they probably wouldn’t have been tax exams…).

Luckily, the internet is a wonderful place and you are now able to learn incredible things from wonderful people, all from the comfort of your own sofa.

Retro Hair 1

I had heard about ‘The Amazings’ several times over the past couple of months and in fact had already signed up to their mailing list when they asked me whether I would review one of their new online classes. Given the options available, I went for the Retro Hair Dos class.

The premise of The Amazings is for ‘Elders’ to pass on their knowledge to the next generation. I absolutely love that anyone over 50 can become an Amazings teacher, they just have to be passionate about their subject – how cool is that? Think of all the information that is just sat waiting to be passed along.

Retro Hair 3

Anyway, the class I chose offered three different hairdos – a 30s chignon, 50s Rockabilly style and a 60s Bardot. The Bardot was the instant appeal for me – I’m generally pretty terrible with hair (I spend a maximum of 2 minutes doing it in the morning, and that’s with drying it…) and I loved how simple Michael seemed to make it. Unfortunately I don’t own any rollers (see, I said I was awful..), so couldn’t try out the style on myself, but I most certainly will be in the very near future.

The online classes are priced at £8-£12 and for each class, a portion of the price goes directly to the teacher. You also get access to that class forever and you can contact the teacher directly for extra help. As well as online tutorials, if you’re in London, they have a whole selection of ‘in person’ classes, I reeeally want to learn how to make a wooden bowl!!

What a truly excellent concept.

Moss Skirt Take 1.


Yet again this morning, I opened my wardrobe and had nothing to wear. How does this happen? I buy lots of clothes (although have cut down massively in the last year or so) and sew a lot, and yet when it comes down to it, I seem to have very little that I love and feel comfortable in.


I’d love to say that I’d solved that problem with this skirt, but it doesn’t yet fit quite right. I do however, think that I may be onto something. It’s no secret just how practical, pretty, wearable and generally brilliant Jen’s designs are but it’s the first time I’ve actually got round to making any of them!

I somewhat optimistically made this up in a size 4 based on my waist measurements but it’s definitely more than a little ‘snug’ across the hips and an inch or two too short for comfort. But there is already a take 2 (too big at the waist, gaah!) and there will be many more. Seriously, this pattern is ace.


IMG_2972.jpg IMG_2974.jpg

The fabric is from The Cloth House on Berwick Street, possibly my favourite place in the whole city. It’s not cheap but it is beautiful and I would quite like to move in amongst the rolls of gorgeous cotton. Yum.


We’re Open!

Following the success of our wedding stationery, we have gone back to the letterpress and opened an Etsy shop!


We spent most of last weekend at the printing press, trying desperately not to cover ourselves in ink (only mildy successfully) whilst printing our ‘thank you’ cards. We also managed to print a few others designs that have been in the back of our minds for nearly a year…. It’s pretty exciting to see them finally take shape.



As well as the thank you card, we have a couple of nautical themes (including a game of Battleships) and of course some bear cards, with a difference.

The wedding thank yous should become more obvious once I have some photos to show you. Our wonderful photographer Debbie sent through some previews this morning, I really can’t wait for the final images though – so exciting! I’m still suffering from post-wedding blues, I’m just so sad it’s all over! I might sneak through a bridesmaid dress post this week though, I’m way too impatient!



All cards are available from here!

Wedding Stationery.

Hurray! It’s the start of the wedding blog posts! There are so many people we want to thank, I am determined to link to every supplier we used because there isn’t a single one I wouldn’t recommend – everyone was incredible.

When we first started imagining what our wedding might look like, we had a bit of a woodland theme in mind. This may or may not be connected to our mild obsession with foxes and bears. We had even started looking into buying scout badges and other similar memorabilia. Then we went and watched Moonrise Kingdom and a true theme was born.


Tom’s parents had the amazing idea (at a very convenient time, just after we got engaged!) of buying a letterpress and we managed to take full advantage of it. Tom designed everything and did a truly excellent job of it too (I married a good ‘un).

We had the letterpress plates etched by Centurion Graphics. And although we did a fair amount of the pressing ourselves, Tom’s Mum and Dad need a special mention of thanks for reeling off printed goods every time we came up with a new idea!


We are both absolute suckers for paper and stationery. Our notebook collection is quite a sight to behold and we are both extremely fussy about paper. Finding a supplier for what we had in mind was pretty hard work, but eventually we stumbled upon Paperback and we were blown away by the quality of the paper and their truly excellent customer service. Besides, the paper is BEAUTIFUL (I may or may not have spent several hours just stroking it).


As well as save the dates, invites and orders of services, we decided to print coasters and activity packs to put on the tables (as well as the obligatory menus!) so that everyone had plenty to do on the day and were encouraged to talk to each other.




One of the last things we got round to doing was the name cards for the place settings. Everyone was assigned a different animal (some more insulting than others!) and they made a great talking point on the day! We got them printed by Moo cards and they came out brilliantly – we really couldn’t have asked for more.



And last but not least, our guest book….. another Wes Anderson inspired idea. Everyone was issued with a registration card to fill in and instructions to have their photo taken. I cannot begin to describe the joy that looking back through these cards has given me. Everyone’s messages and hilarious photos have cracked me up every time I look at them and I really think they have already become one of our most treasured possessions.





I would like to hijack these honeymoon posts to blog about my new Belladone dress. Well, sort of… I have been meaning to take pictures of it for a good few weeks (I say “I”, I actually mean my rather lovely husband), but we hadn’t found anywhere nice to take them. HELLO TUSCAN SUNSET. Seriously, look at that light.


We were almost ready for an early night when this bright light came flooding through the window, so we legged it outside for some photos.

I have been meaning to make this dress for ages and I really love the final product. It fits me perfectly and came together like a dream. My only change would be to add a lining to the skirt next time. The dress has had multiple outings already, and in true British spring/summer style, I haven’t yet had a chance to wear it without tights. I used a mid-weight cotton, meaning that the unlined skirt/tights situation has left me almost showing my pants more than once.



Needless to say, I’ll be making more of Eléonore’s patterns, I already have a sailor version of the Reglisse dress in the planning….