The Hepworth Dress.

This is a little bit later than planned, but last week the latest Sinbad & Sailor pattern was released, and it’s a beauty.

Hannah asked me to pattern test the wonderful Hepworth dress which is a sleeveless, princess seamed bodice with a fitted waist and flared skirt. Essentially a perfect addition to all wardrobes! As I was about 38 weeks pregnant at the time, I decided to (rather optimistically!) make the dress up in my pre-pregnancy size. As a result of me currently not being my pre-pregnancy size (in no small part due to massive boob inflation caused by breastfeeding!!!), I’m afraid my pictures are limited to my mannequin. I’m hoping I’ll get it on soonish though – it’ll be perfect for summer!

The dress is really cleverly finished with facings inside, all the seams are enclosed and it’s super neat. I’m such a sewing geek when it comes to things like that and I love it!!

This fabric is a lightweight denim that was in my stash, and so in true Emily sewing style, it is blue. At some point I need to start sewing things in OTHER COLOURS and prints. I particularly love Hannah’s version but I have to say, I think the denim works pretty well here – it’s super soft too which is always good.

I can’t wait to see other versions of this pattern popping up over the web!


My love for the By Hand London girls is well documented. I may not have blogged them all, but every one of their patterns has been lovingly made at my machine and my fan girling knows no shame. It helps that they’re also some of the nicest, funnest, funniest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet.

So I was completely honoured to be asked to test the pattern for their new Flora dress. I am just very sad that at the moment my waist will go nowhere near the zip. It does however mean that my sister has a new dress!


I made view B with a square neckline and dipped hem circle skirt, and I absolutely love it. The fabric came from the wonderful team at Ray Stitch, and although the beautiful Liberty lawn was a smidgen on the narrow side for the full circle skirt, I simply took the sides in a little, which I don’t think detracts from the skirt at all.

The fabric was a dream to sew with (as lawn always is), and I am overall a major fan of Flora. I can’t wait to make a whole range of them for summer – and the faux wrap of view A has to be perfect for breast feeding, surely?!

Another Week, Another Archer.

Yeah, I know. I should really sew something else but goddamn it, I love this pattern. I also love this fabric, which I’ve been hoarding for ages. I think it came from The Cloth House several months back. It’s a really lovely weight and has a beautiful drape.

There’s not much more to say about this shirt really. I can’t do it up, but it’s a beauty, and I’m dreaming of tucking it into high waisted jeans with rolled up sleeves in late Spring. It’s certainly going to get lots of wear (although depending on just how quickly I can get back into my high waisted jeans…. it might be late Autumn!).

Most of my current sewing time is spent making miniature sleeves and bodices, rather than anything I can actually get myself into. As you may or may not know, I am currently about half way through a year long course in Pattern Cutting at Kensington and Chelsea College. It’s been excellent so far, but I need to get started on my final piece soon, especially this baby is due to make an appearance in the middle of the Easter holidays. It’s been so nice spending Thursday evenings completely submerged in such a fun course, particularly with people who obviously enjoy it so much – the very lovely Hannah being a case in point.

I’m also a total sucker for learning. I seem totally incapable of going 12 months without attending some form of school.I’m not sure whether I’m ever going to grow out of that, although I guess the next major learning curve is going to be parenting….! Eeeeek!


26 Week Archer.

I started making this shirt about the time I found out I was pregnant, back at the beginning of August. As I got progressively more exhausted and achieved less and less with each passing day, it sat languishing on my floor until I finally finished it back in October. And then it’s taken me nearly three months to blog it, at which point I can no longer do it up! Dear oh dear.

Anyone would think I was a bit non-plussed about the Archer pattern, whereas it’s actually my favourite ever make. It has had a lot of wear over the past few months and I have several pieces of fabric lined up to make more. It just seems a bit daft to make them with my ever expanding waistline…. I do however predict a maternity leave filled with Archers. Hurray!

As so many wonderful bloggers before me have said, making this shirt is an absolute delight. I loved every minute of making it, and Jen’s tutorials and videos are so helpful. I sewed up a straight size 6, just adding 2″ in length.

The chambray is from Merchant and Mills and the same as I used for my Hazel back in the summer. It’s a really lovely thickness, the perfect weight for a shirt and sews up really nicely.

At 26.5 weeks pregnant, I’m starting to feel pretty huge now. Sleep is getting ever more elusive and terrifyingly I have only 10 weeks left at work! Eeek!

I’m having a pretty good time eyeing up miniature clothing though, the Petit Bateau sale is particularly tempting.

And What Do Points Mean? Prizes!

There are several epic giveaways flying around the sewing blogging world at the moment and the lovely people at Simplicity have let me get involved too, woo hoo!

So, I have a couple of patterns to give to the highest bidder! Or… ermm… two randomly selected comments at the end of this post….just don’t forget to leave your email address!

1610_env_frnt 1610_FBV

The first is Simplicity 1610 in size 4-12, if you’re after an example, there’s an absolute beauty over at The Amazing Taracat. Seriously, I need some colour like that in my wardrobe.

1801_env_front_12 1801_FBV_12

The second is Cynthia Rowley’s 1810 in sizes 6-14. I love this pattern. I’ve owned it since it first came out about 18 months ago and yet have somehow completely neglected to make it. That needs to be rectified immediately. Well, after I’ve got round to making my Anna dress….

Ok, you have a week, giveaway closes on Friday 2 August – GO GO GO!!!

Hazel and Victoria.

I have been the very lucky recipient of several exciting packages over the last couple of months. The first of which was an epic haul from the lovely team over at Kollabora.


Amongst the goodies, was a copy of Colette’s Hazel dress. I credit Colette as the company that really got me into sewing. Although the Built By Wendy books first got me interested, it was the finishing techniques in the incredibly clear Colette instructions that made the real difference between sewing for fun and actually starting to replace items in my wardrobe.

Having said that, the patterns tend to be drafted for someone a little shorter than me, and the waists don’t sit quite right. Several years into my sewing journey, I am finally in a position where I feel fairly comfortable making alterations and so this is my first Colette attempt in a while.

IMG_3552.jpg IMG_3525.jpg

The good news is – I love it!! Given that this is the first actual summer England seems to have had in about 5 years, I have practically no summer dresses so this chambray number has been welcomed within open arms into my wardrobe. The chambray itself came from Merchant and Mills, and is beautiful. I’m desperate to go for a visit to their shop in Rye because their fabric selection looks absolutely stunning.

The other package that was waiting for me when I got back from honeymoon was a copy of the By Hand London Victoria Blazer. There are some really beautiful (and colourful!) versions of this flying around the blogosphere, I’m afraid I’ve gone for a fairly plain blue with a Liberty lawn lining. I really like it though, and when the sun stops shining (words I never thought I’d hear myself say….), I’m hoping it’ll go with everything! It’s really lovely pattern to sew too, hurray!

IMG_3532.jpg IMG_3538.jpg