Discovering Cambridge.

Tom’s gone back to work today. Boooo. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself though as I’ve managed to have a shower, wash my hair, put make up on AND leave the house all on my own, without Freddie screaming too much at all.

We’ve been extremely lucky, as bar a few truly horrific nights, we’ve managed to have a really nice couple of weeks, making the most of Tom’s paternity leave and visiting some of the beautiful places around Cambridge. Plus, it turns out that 5 hours of broken sleep actually makes you feel very rested! Who knew?!!

These pictures were taken at Anglesey Abbey, when Freddie was 6 days old. Being able to get out and about (plus the onslaught of incredible Spring weather!) has made the whole healing process so much easier.

Although we lived in Cambridge between 2007 and 2010, we’d never actually made it to Anglesey Abbey before. It’s really stunning & well worth a trip if you’re in the area. There are some really beautiful woodland walks – I’ve not been round the house yet though, saving that for my next visit!


Today we visited Wimpole Estate and it was filled with lambs and calves and piglets. There were also several enormous pigs that looked like they were going to explode. 6 days from due date, I’m feeling pretty similar myself.

I know being pregnant is an amazing journey, and I repeatedly tell myself it’ll all be worth it in the end, but goodness me I’m starting to get fed up. I can’t wait to feel fit, lean and healthy again – and meet my baby boy of course.

I’ve been extremely lucky with a very complication-free 9 months but I’m definitely ready for it to be over, and for all to be well. I still find it incredible to think there’s an actual new human in there, with his own personality and thoughts – I’m not entirely sure it’ll properly sink in until he’s arrived.

Lady of the Lake

One of the perils of not blogging very often is that lots of events merge into each other and you end of showing multiple posts that all look very similar. My last post was about our visit to Pembrokeshire and this one is about our visit about 3 weeks after that one to a place just East of Pembrokeshire. Oops.

What we have all learnt from this is that Wales is beautiful and you should all make the trip!

For our second Welsh visit, we headed to a friend’s family farm after work on Friday night, arriving very tired just before midnight. Having been in London so long, I can never quite get over the joy of waking up in the morning and seeing fields out of the window. Particularly when it’s gorgeously sunny too.

We spent the Saturday walking to Llyn y Fan Fach, burning a bonfire, looking at the stars and cooking a massive Christmas dinner. It was quite honestly one of my favourite days of the year, it’s just a shame we had to head back down the M4 on Sunday morning.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas – I’m planning on a seeing an awful lot more of you this year. xx


Reading back through my posts, it really does look like we go on holiday a lot. We don’t, it’s just that day to day life in the tax world isn’t very exciting so I try and focus on the times where we get out and about! In more exciting news though (and guessed by several people before!), we’re having a baby! Argh! It is ridiculously exciting and pretty terrifying at the same time…..


As we have very little holiday left before I am due to go on maternity leave in March, a couple of weeks ago we headed to Pembrokeshire, where Tom spent most of his school Summer holidays, to stay in a beautiful Sheepskinlife cottage. We stayed with them when we went to Scotland last year, and I really cannot recommend their cottages enough.


Once again, we were basically in the middle of nowhere for a week, cut off with no phone signal, 3G or Wi-Fi – it’s the first time we’ve done that in a while! We were crazily lucky with the weather and even had 3 days of sun! In Wales! We did some amazing coastal walks, as well as a very long and boggy one along the Preseli mountains, which apparently where the stones for Stonehenge came from!


We spent a lot of time looking for Red Kites (a perfectly normal activity for a couple of twenty-somethings I’m assured), walking around deserted beaches, and scoping out practically empty tourist attractions – Gwaun Valley brewery anyone? It was basically awesome.














Does anyone have any ideas for our next UK holiday? I’m thinking it might be the Lake District….



Back in September, we were very lucky to be taken to Venice for a few days by Tom’s parents. They had rented an apartment for a week, and so we finished work on on Friday and flew out on Saturday afternoon to spend a blissful 3 days eating, drinking (strictly lemonade for me at the moment!), and wandering through the beautiful city.


IMG_4265.jpg IMG_4316.jpg

We had some of the most delicious seafood, an excellent pizza (or two) and some amazing ice cream from Grom. It’s a good job I have the excuse of eating for two!

We also did lots of walking and spent a good couple of days at the Biennale. I’m still reserving judgement on this year’s exhibition as a whole (we went 4 years ago and it was amazing!). There were a few very good exhibitions (I loved the UK entry – especially the drawings and paintings of major figures in the Iraq war by prison inmates), but waaaay too many totally weird video installations with apparently little meaning that just seemed to go on and on and on.



It really is a magical city and heading into the canals on a private water taxi is one of the most incredible movie star experiences. Can I go back please?


Harry Potter and the Overexcited Tourists.


A couple of weeks ago, we hopped on a train up to Watford to immerse ourselves for the day in the complete delight that is The Harry Potter studio experience. I want to go back already.

Admittedly, I am a big fan of the books and films, and vividly remember making my Dad drive me to the local bookshop to get book 3 the morning it came out. But even so, they have truly done an incredible job. There is so much to see (these pictures are only a tiny percentage of what’s on show), and the detail on everything is amazing. Every bit of the love, creativity and souls of the crew have been poured into the props over 10 years, and it really shows.

The wigs, wand boxes, costumes letters, magazines, sets, flying cars are all spectacular and nothing quite prepares you for the opening of the Great Hall doors, or the unbelievable Hogwarts model. Just go. Please.











p.s. My giveaway has been drawn! Congratulations to StreetStyleWales and Erin – emails winging their way to you!